Premium Quality Slippers

We only use shearling and suede leather responsibly sourced from countries that regulate the treatment of animals, like Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.

Here are a few reasons why we use only the finest quality Merino shearling, and why your feet will thank you for it.


The super-fine fibres in Merino wool that make it such a versatile material also make it exceptionally soft and comfortable. Not all wool is scratchy and heavy and not all wool is created equal, slipping your feet into Merino feels like walking on a cloud.


Unlike other cheaper wools and synthetic materials, Merino never gets clammy and uncomfortable. That’s because the fleece has a unique moisture wicking quality. In fact, it’s able to absorb 30% of its weight in moisture which it then releases naturally. Your feet will stay dry and comfy always.


There’s a reason why flocks of Merino thrive in the harsh mountain terrain and inclement weather of New Zealand’s South Island, their fleece is exceptionally warm and cosy. Plus, as an active fibre, Merino reacts to any changes in your body temperature meaning your feet will never over-heat.

AND Coolness

Merino can naturally release any extra body heat that it has been storing for insulation, and so regulates your body temperature. Not just for winter, the super-fine fibres and moisture wicking qualities mean that Merino slippers can be worn comfortably all year round.


Being a powerhouse natural fabric means that Merino gets used a lot in performance clothing, particularly hiking base layers that lie directly next to the skin. That’s because Merino provides a level of comfort not found in other wools or synthetics. It’s the perfect slipper material for hiking to bed, or to the mailbox!


Just like our own skin and hair, Merino wool is mostly made up of keratin, a super-strong protein that is resistant to breakage and stretching. The fibres from Merino fleece can be bent, pulled, stretched, and more from normal use, without suffering any damage. Because unlike our own hair, wool fibres have a natural crimp which makes the fleece ultra-resilient and durable, making for long-lasting slippers that retain their comfort and warmth.


Unlike synthetic materials and other cheaper wools, Merino is extraordinarily lightweight and won’t weigh you down. You’ll never feel bogged down by your boots, or suffocated by your slippers.


Instead of sliding your feet into slippers that even your dog would baulk at fetching for you, choose Merino which provides an unbeatable level of odour-resistance. Because Merino fleece absorbs sweat and manages moisture levels naturally, bacteria are deprived of the moist environment they need to flourish. No shoe powders necessary.


Merino is naturally hypoallergenic making it an ideal choice for people with allergies or sensitive skin as it won’t irritate or exacerbate skin conditions. There’s even some research showing that Merino is anti-bacterial which would explain its odour resistant qualities.

Easy to Care For

Because of Merino’s resistance to bacteria and odours, it doesn’t need to be washed as frequently as synthetics or other wools. In fact, your Merino slippers need little more than an overnight airing to freshen them up.


The moisture-wicking qualities of Merino also make it resistant to static. This means that you’ll never experience clinginess when you wear Merino slippers or find a build-up of dust if you store them for a while.


When Merino fibres are eventually disposed of, they decompose naturally and 100% of the product is biodegradable, returning to the earth as valuable nutrients.

Merino wool truly is the powerhouse of natural materials. And it packs a mighty punch in terms of advantages over synthetics and other, lesser wools. Remember to always look for 100% Merino wool over blends, and treat your feet to the best – they’ll thank you for it.