The Rise of the Digital Nomad

The dream of travelling the world for years on end used to be just that – a dream. Long-term travel once was a luxury reserved for only the wealthy. And the average person would have to carefully craft itineraries around their strict office schedule, only being able to take a few short holidays each year.

However, much has shifted in recent years, and long-term travel is no longer just a dream. People from all over the world are leaving the 9-to-5 life in droves to live the reality of the digital nomad life. In 2020, data is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity. And it’s incredible just how many jobs require no more than a laptop and an internet connection, which can be found in even the most remote destinations on the planet.

Digital nomad-ing may have become popularised by the Instagram world. After all, who hasn’t been distracted in their cubicle, staring longingly at photos of their peers living their best lives, and wondering how to do it themselves?

The digital nomad life has boundless perks, of course. Many nomads choose to live in and move around countries where the cost of living is significantly lower than where they come from, while continuing to earn Western currency. Being location independent affords them the kind of life that would not normally be possible back home. Many digital nomads have exciting hobbies outside of work such as scuba diving, rock climbing, skiing, hiking, and surfing. All the while, they could be planning their trip to their next destination.

The true beauty and appeal of the digital nomad lifestyle is the freedom it provides. Generally speaking, a digital nomad will get to choose their own working hours, as well as decide just how many hours they are willing to commit. They will also choose their own dress code. That means trading in uncomfortable office attire for some cosy slippers and sweats for a working day at their home away from home, or for a bikini and a sarong for working at a quaint café on the beach. No suit? No tie? No problem!

Most digital nomads work on their own, where they can be free from the distractions of a typical office atmosphere. Some nomads like to link up and meet other nomads in co-working spaces that are popping up all over the world. In a co-working space, digital nomads gain priceless inspiration and motivation from like-minded individuals. It’s also a great way to meet people.

With all the freedom of the digital nomad lifestyle, being able to see the world on their own terms is likely to be the most important incentive for people who choose it.

Successful companies the world over employ remote workers and digital nomads, even SHEPHY! True story, some members of the SHEPHY team are out there roaming the globe and living their best lives as well.

As the Information Age presses on, and more and more companies jump on the remote work bandwagon, the digital nomad life will only become an increasingly popular one.

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