Breaking News: Slippers Make the News!

Slippers are warm, cosy, and redolent of relaxation but they’re not exactly thought of as the most exciting items of clothing, there’s nothing that really screams newsworthy. Or so we thought until checking the news over breakfast the other day and finding a story about self-parking slippers.

The idea fascinated us and given the news coverage, many others too. Nissan has decided to help those of us who may leave our slippers lying around, accidentally kick them under the bed or perhaps we have an overly exuberant puppy who wants to “play” with them. Instead of having to hunt high and low for the missing slipper, all the while having one foot that is toasty warm and one that resembles an ice block, all we’d need to do is go to their designated home point and low and behold, one pair of slippers neatly waiting for us to put them on. Ok, so the car manufacturer may just be showing off their self-park technology and the slippers may only be available in one hotel in Japan, but the idea that an end to the problem of the lone slipper is upon us is exciting.

The story set us wondering, what other famous slippers are out there? So, we turned to Google and the results the search turned up both amused and fascinated us.

One of the first we found was about a gorilla named N’Dowe, who lives in a zoo in Devon. Fed up with having to walk around with chilly feet, the clever gorilla made himself some impromptu slippers one cold day from some cloth pinched between the toes of one foot and some wood wool, made from wood shavings, pinched between the toes of the other. It is well known that gorillas are resourceful and able to use basic tools but this has surprised many who work with them. We can well understand N’Dowe’s frustration at having cold feet and applaud him for his ingenuity.

Have you ever watched Star Wars? Remember when Grand Moff Tarkin ordered the destruction of Alderaan? That scene, and many of the others involving Peter Cushing, involved or indeed were a result of, slippers. Apparently, Cushing had extremely large feet and the costume department was unable to make any in his size. Fed up with being in constant agony, Cushing asked George Lucas, the director, if he could only be shot from the waist up so that he could wear his comfortable carpet slippers instead.

It was the last story we found that intrigued and warmed our hearts the most though. There is a school in Hertfordshire that has decided to introduce slipper-wearing in class to help promote a calmer and better learning atmosphere. The head teacher decided to relax the usual rule on shoes after reading a Scandinavian study.

If we’re honest we can see why the students would be able to learn better in slippers rather than shoes, after all, if your feet are warm and comfortable then for sure the world is a better place!