Foot Care 101

It’s all too easy to overlook the importance of regular foot care, but small problems with our feet can affect our overall health. Our feet do the hard work of supporting us day in and day out, we take them for granted - but one minor problem can stop us in our tracks.

The good news is that there are plenty of steps you can take to keep your feet in good working order, and walking onward. Here are a few suggestions for keeping your tootsies happy and healthy.

Keep Your Feet Clean and Pampered

While this may seem like an obvious step, it’s important to wash and dry your feet every day, taking special care to clean and dry between your toes to avoid any bacterial or fungal growth. No one likes stinky feet. Considering going the extra mile and treating yourself to a foot spa or massage, or try convincing your significant other to give you one!


While many of us apply moisturisers after bathing, applying before bedtime can be a great way to soften and lubricate your skin.

Check Your Feet 

Because our feet are often covered, we may not notice when problems begin.  Check weekly for callouses, cuts, bruises, blisters, and swelling. If you notice anything unusual get it checked out. 

Trim Those Nails! 

Long toenails are not only decidedly unsightly but can be a breeding ground for bacteria growth. Keep your nails short by trimming to the edge of your toe, or just above. Avoid trimming your nails too short though, this can lead to ingrown nails.

Wear Quality Socks 

To avoid athlete’s foot and other issues, wear breathable socks made of cotton or wool. You’ll want to choose socks with a snug fit, avoiding loose socks which can cause blisters and too-tight socks which can make your toes uncomfortable.

Exercise your Feet

To main proper foot health, your feet need exercise! Feet are extremely intricate, with almost 30 bones, over 100 ligaments, and many joints and muscles. If you sit down all day, a 30-minute walk can help keep your feet in good working order. 

Wear Properly Fitted Shoes 

Shoes that don’t fit properly are a major cause of foot pain. In fact, unsupportive shoes can also trigger pain in your back, making everyday activities difficult. If you have foot pain or are unsure of your correct size, go for a professional fitting. Your feet will thank you!

Treat Your feet to 100% Merino Wool Slippers

At the end of a long day, treat yourself to a pair of SHEPHY® slippers that will keep your feet warm and cosy!  Merino wool slippers provide exceptional comfort, will keep your feet warm without overheating and are easy to keep clean.

While there are many practical steps we can take to keep our feet in good health, it is important not to neglect some of the more luxurious things we can do for our feet, such as treating them to a foot spa or wearing comfy slippers around the house. Taking these steps will ensure healthy feet that carry you well into the future.