Why Slippers Are Not Just for the House

It’s well established that the lines between activewear, the stuff that is usually reserved for the gym, and so-called appropriate outside clothing, have been blurred. Leggings and sneakers, topped with a sweatshirt or a performance vest, are frequently spotted out and about on the streets. Add a cap and a reusable water bottle, and the look is complete. Bonus points if you have actually been jogging.

As this video attests, activewear is not just for being active.

But the lines between so-called loungewear and appropriate outside clothing are more pronounced. Why? Loungewear is uber-comfy, sometimes stylish, and is a practical choice for those who can’t / don’t / won’t, get changed before leaving the house. We propose that slippers can help with bridging this gap. Because it’s hard to decide when you see folk in the supermarket dressed in pyjamas if they’ve actually got their life together, or they’re living it to the fullest. But we’re leaning toward the latter.

Slippers are not just for the house. It’s a bold statement, but here’s why:

1.    Combine Trends Easily.

Ok, Ok, so the loungewear gear outside isn’t quite a trend yet… but we predict (hope!?) it will be in 2018. Imagine this, your favourite and sleek activewear leggings tucked perfectly into a pair of your super comfortable, and comforting, slipper boots.

This is the ideal choice for when you can’t decide if you want to be active or lazy. Let’s be honest here; most people teeter between the two on a daily basis. Liberal boss? Try this outfit at the office – let us know how you got on. Otherwise, reserve this innovative and fresh look for weekends and late-night trips to the supermarket.

2.    Kanye Did It.

If Kanye does something should we do it? No. We scrap this point. Yeezus. Although this might be the only good idea Kanye ever had… We’ll leave that up to you.

3.    Wear What Makes You Feel Good.

There’s a well-known maxim that goes: when you feel good, you look good. Now, let’s look at stilettos: we might love them and their leg-elongating properties, but try walking a mile in them. Stilettos and their ilk hurt feet. That’s why they sometimes, at the end of the night, get carried on the tube instead of being worn.

We ask you this: have you ever gotten blisters wearing slippers? Us neither. Live the maxim!

So, there you have it — a comprehensive and undisputable case for wearing slippers outside the house. We’ll just add one last point: slippers can’t be seen behind your desk. Hide a pair there, feel free to swap them out for trips to the water cooler. Here at SHEPHY® we’re lucky. This practice is not only tolerated but encouraged. We get to wear slippers to work every day!

February’s Fashion Weeks are around the corner, and we predict that we’re on the money when it comes to the rise of the slipper. Join us in blurring the lines between loungewear and outside wear.

Do you wear your SHEPHYs outside the house? Drop us a comment below!