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Comfortable and versatile, Kiwa is an excellent winter companion for any wardrobe. Made from the finest quality Australian sheepskin, this double-face women's sheepskin boots feature a velvet-soft upper, teamed with our hard-wearing non-slip rubber outsole for added grip and support. This classic style sheepskin boot for women is perfect to step into the colder season.

        Label size is the size which is printed on the shoe. To measure your foot length, wear the socks you would normally use with the shoes you want to purchase, and measure from the tip of your toe to the heel. Foot width is the measure of the widest part of your feet, from the base of the biggest toe to the base of the smallest toe. Feet tend to swell during the day, so it is recommended to take your measurements in the late afternoon.

        UK 3 US 5 EU 36 22 230 9.06
        UK 4 US 6 EU 37 23 238 9.37
        UK 5 US 7 EU 38 24 246 9.69
        UK 6 US 8 EU 39 25 254 10
        UK 7 US 9 EU 40 26 262 10.32
        UK 8 US 10 EU 41 27 270 10.63
        UK 9 US 11 EU 42 28 278 10.94

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        How To Care For & Clean Sheepskin Slippers & Sheepskin Boots

        Before first wearing your new sheepskin slippers or sheepskin boots and after every clean we recommend using a good water-based weather protector on the suede leather upper of the sheepskin slippers or sheepskin boots. This will help prevent the suede leather from absorbing stains and attracting dirt. It is important to clean the sheepskin slippers or sheepskin boots as soon as it is stained and before the stain has time to set. You can spot-clean the suede leather upper and hand wash the sheepskin lining of the sheepskin slippers or sheepskin boots by following these simple three steps:

        Cleaning The Suede or Leather Upper of The Sheepskin Footwear

        To spot-clean, use a damp, soft cloth or nylon bristle brush with no soap. For a suede upper gently remove scuff marks and dirt with a suede-cleaning eraser or suede brush.

        Cleaning The Shearling or Sheepskin Lining

        Apply a small amount of wool shampoo and hand wash in lukewarm water, do not machine wash. Gently scrub the sheepskin using your fingers, clean sponge or a soft brush and rinse thoroughly with clean lukewarm water.

        Drying The Sheepskin Slippers or Sheepskin Boots

        Rid the product of any excess water by wrapping it in a clean, dry towel. Air-dry naturally, away from direct sunlight. Never dry with a hair-dryer, on a radiator or in a tumble dryer. When dry, brush the wool out with a clean soft brush.

        In some cases, there may be some colour transfer when the suede upper of the sheepskin slippers or sheepskin boots is rubbed against another surface or from normal daily wear. The colour may also bleed or leach out into the water when the suede gets wet or when washed the first time.

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