Find Your Perfect Fit

Most people will see a difference in size between their two feet. For accurate sizing, it is best to measure both feet from the back of the heel to the tip of the longest toe and use the bigger size as a reference on the chart below. If you are between sizes, move up to the next size.

Heel to Toe (cm)Heel to Toe (in)USUKEUJPN
22.5 cm8.86 in5.5335.521.5
23.3 cm9.17 in6.543722.5
24.1 cm9.49 in7.553823.5
24.9 cm9.80 in8.563924.5
25.7 cm10.12 in9.574125.5
26.5 cm10.43 in10.584226.5
Heel to Toe (cm)Heel to Toe (in)USUKEUJPN
26.4 cm10.39 in874126
27.2 cm10.70 in984227
28.0 cm11.02 in1094328
28.8 cm11.34 in111044.529
29.6 cm11.65 in121145.530
30.4 cm11.97 in13124731
31.2 cm12.28 in141348.532